Wheel Repairs

Wheel Repairs

Most common damage that Alloy Doctor repairs, are scraps and scratches from getting to close to the guttering. Our team can repair this damage and repaint the wheel and you won’t be able to find where it was damaged to start with.

No need to spend money on a new wheel, when Alloy Doctor can get a very good result for a fraction of the cost. Don’t worry about colour matching, we have the technology and the eye to make sure that even a one wheel repair will match up exactly to the other wheels on your vehicle. We paint our wheels with high quality automotive paint and clearcoat and there is no reason that your wheels shouldn’t last as long as a factory set.

Our average turnaround to repair and paint one wheel is approximately 3-4 hours. You can leave your car with us or wait and have a coffee in our customer lounge.

Alloy Doctor can also diamond cut and polish alloys that have been gutter damaged. These techniques are more time consuming, therefore have a longer turn around time and are more costly. However these forms of repairs look very good on particular types of alloys and we can advise you if this solution is the best way to repair your wheels.

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